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Take Action!

Dr. Schachter and the Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine support certain legislation on the local, national, and international level which enables the public to make more informed choices concerning their health care needs.  

We encourage you to educate yourself and others and take appropriate action. Below are a few organizations we recommend for the latest updates on relevant legislation and other topics, and where you can add your voice. 

The Alliance for Natural Health. Keep abreast of the latest news regarding our freedom of access to nutritional supplements and alternative health care.
For more information, visit The Alliance for Natural Health website.

Coalition For Informed Choice (CFIC) is a free-to-join, non-partisan, non-sectarian statewide (NY only) coalition that includes parents, doctors, lawyers, teachers, college students and several organizations.

The general aim of this organization is to assist people to become advocates against vaccination, and to promote all personal freedom of choice in decisions involving health.  CFIC helps people organize locally with other like-minded people, and provides advice on the nuts and bolts of effective advocacy.

Since 1999, CFIC has tried to be the prime clearinghouse for all aspects involving resistance to vaccine mandates in NYS, through assisting individuals with the sometimes complex hurdles to obtain a religious waiver from the school vaccine requirements, and through formation of local and regional parent groups to lobby for CFIC's legislation in Albany.

The bills in the NY State Legislature that they are currently supporting are those which would provide parents with the right to decide which vaccines and drugs will be given to their own children.

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Important Note: You are encouraged to seek the advice of a competent medical professional
before making any decisions that could affect your health. See our disclaimer.

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