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Success Stories

Success -- When a Patient Feels "Better".....

What do we mean when we say that treatment here at the Center resulted in a successful outcome for a patient? 

Are we referring to longevity?  Or improvement in quality of life?  It depends on the patient's condition.  Whether it is a cancer patient, a child with food allergies, a woman with menopausal symptoms, or someone dealing with depression, we think optimal quality of life as well as a healthier and longer life are achievable.  

At the Schachter Center, we integrate the best that conventional medicine has to offer along with the best, most effective Alternative therapies which may include diet, nutrition, herbal supplements and intravenous treatments, among others.  

The Schachter Center offers Complementary medicine, meaning that appropriate alternative therapies can enhance or complement many conventional therapies.  If a pharmaceutical drug is the best choice for a particular patient, we will use it.  If we think vitamins, minerals, herbs, or phytonutrients can better resolve a condition, we choose them.  Or perhaps, a combination of these approaches might be the best avenue of treatment. Every patient is treated individually with a tailored plan for each.

We treat the whole person, not just the physical body.  For example, we encourage patients to develop coping strategies to minimize stress, to meet with counselors, and to include bodywork, exercise and spirituality in their treatment plan.  

To illustrate what one might achieve here at the center following this approach, we are posting some of our patients' success stories to show what kinds of experiences they've had at the Schachter Center.  Names are kept anonymous because of confidentiality, but we'll give a brief history and explain how the patient is doing.  Some patients have chosen to write their own success stories in their own words. Other stories are reports prepared by our practitioners.

Links to Patient Success Stories by Condition:


Cardiovascular Conditions

Gastrointestinal Conditions

Thyroid Conditions

Mood Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, etc.


Other Disorders

Patient Profiles from Dr. Schachter's Files



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